Why can we never go back to bed?
Whose is the voice ringing in my head?
Where is the sense in these desperate dreams?
Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?

Victor/20/Brazil: A lunatic boy since 1993.
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ヾ ( * ´ ∇ ` ) ノ つめきる

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Sergio Victor
Dec 6, 1993 (sagittarius, 20)
Niteroi - RJ, Brazil
Loves summer night breeze and skies full of stars.
Hates crowded and noisy places like some sort of parties (unless he’s drunk).
Instagram: @sergiovictorr

Sep 30 - 12:08am

Craving for freedom. I am no longer able to carry this burden. I am done, definitely. I feel like my world is about to crack in two at any moment. I am also afraid of sleeping and getting stuck on a nightmare struggling to wake up, breathless, restless, peaceless.

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